Hello world, I am officially 25 weeks pregnant today and if you are also a Mommy-to-be Entrepreneur like me…Congratulations! Not sure if you can relate but I’ve seen so many to-do lists out there for mommy-to-be when it comes to preparing yourself and the baby for delivery date, but what about our first baby, aka our business?

Balancing the excitement of pregnancy with the responsibilities of running a business can be a thrilling yet challenging journey. This is my first pregnancy, and to be completely honest, I had no idea what I signed up for. But now that I am halfway there, I wanted to share my carefully curated and comprehensive to-do list tailored to the unique needs of expectant mompreneurs.

Let’s dive in!


Prioritize Your Health: I honestly wish someone told me that the First Trimester was the toughest for most and that the first thing on your to-do list should be prioritizing your health. I wasn’t at all ready, and for weeks, I carried the guilt of having to take a nap mid-day or not being able to be fully present for my team and my business. If there is one thing I could say to you mommy-to-be entrepreneurs out there, it is that your business CAN wait. But your health and the well-being of you & your baby during the First Trimester are essential, and we want to ensure that you are not adding any unnecessary stress. Yes, feeling guilty, ashamed, and overwhelmed are all signs of emotional stress.

Things to do:

  • Schedule your first prenatal appointment.
  • Discuss your pregnancy with your healthcare provider, emphasizing your entrepreneurial lifestyle for personalized advice.
  • Establish a prenatal fitness routine to stay active and healthy. 
  • If you haven’t already, started to look at healthy meal ideas and prenatal supplements that you can start taking right away to nurture yourself and the little life that is growing inside of you.
Positive pregnancy test - To-do list for mommy to be entrepreneur

Conduct A Business Assessment: As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my brain immediately went to assessing areas in my business that I needed to get started delegating, replacing/ outsourcing or eliminating and you should as well.

Things to do:

  • Create a list of roles & responsibilities in your business that you are currently doing that can be delegated, outsourced, replaced or eliminated. 
  • Re-assess your business’ legal health. Schedule a review call with your lawyer or legal counsellor to review your current service and employment contracts to see if you are up to date with the legal requirements. This task is almost always overlooked but is crucial to eliminate troubleshooting, legal headaches and emotional stress you could have to go through during pregnancy. 
  • Create a contingency plan for unexpected situations, ensuring your business can run smoothly during your maternity leave

Financial Planning: Once you are done the assessment of your business & have all your legal components taken care of, the next step is to look at what you must do to ensure your business is still profitable and generating income when you have to step away from it.

Things to do:

  • Review your budget and savings plan for your upcoming expenses and potential loss of revenue
  • Identify areas of opportunity for recurring revenue or passive income for your business so your business can still be generating income when you are not there
  • Consider other financial impacts, such as your income during your mat leave. Will you be paying yourself? Are you able to apply for EI while you are on mat leave? Speak to your accountant to sort out the details as soon as possible will help reduce the stress down the road.

Self-care: If no one told you yet, the First Trimester is the longest, most lonely and emotionally toughest trimester (well, at least for me). So many uncertainties at this stage could throw you off track. A lot of the emotional and physical changes in your body are yours to carry, and because it’s still an early stage of pregnancy, most women choose to endure it all alone without sharing it with their friends and family. This is why prioritizing self-care activities such as meditation, prenatal yoga, a relaxing quiet bath, or simply cutting out toxic relationships & people around you is so important.

Things to do:

  • Re-evaluate the people & relationships you have around you (including staff members, employees, clients & contractors)
  • Meditate & journal to start your day with clarity and peace so you can tackle all the business tasks and any challenges better
  • If you haven’t done so already, start establishing boundaries with clients, friends or team members so you can focus on nourishing your body & your soul.


Cheers to this amazing & exciting journey that you are embarking on. I hope that you found this blog post helpful and I hope that this can make navigating your First Trimester as a Mommy-to-be Entrepreneur a little bit easier. Remember that taking care of yourself is the key to taking care of your business and your little one. Share this to-do list with another mommy-to-be boss babe if you find it useful. Good luck, mama!

P.S: How far along are you? What kind of business do you have? I’d love to connect. Let’s become Instagram friends! 

You’ve got this!

X.O Tracey

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